WHat is Tarot?


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Tarot is read differently by every tarot reader I have ever met, and I have met several. So the following is a description of my relationship with the tarot more than an academic declaration of what something is.

My mother gave me my first tarot deck when I was 12 years old, and since then I have been reading cards for myself and others. I was a gifted reader in school, and the symbols on the cards just make sense. When I do a reading, I feel I am translating for the universe more than anything else. I “stir” the cards when I shuffle which allows me to see an energetic web overlying the cards, assuring that I have them in the correct order for my client.

The structure of a reading is split into three sections, the Subconscious, the Ego, and the Higher-Self. I check in with a person on these three levels with my classic Rider-Waite deck and then we move on to clarification and questions with other decks, runes, and if needed, a pendulum.

The tarot is a two-way conversation and is an excellent way to bring clarification to situations where your course of action is not clear. We will discuss different facets of your life and how to make them run more smoothly. Usually, there is a simple, unifying, underlying issue within that is causing there to be problems externally. If a person is having no problems, the cards are for entertainment, and a way to connect in with the fun of peaking behind the universal curtain.

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