Complementary Astrological Consultations


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What is an astrological consultation? It is when someone who knows the definitions of the planets and aspects looks at your astrological chart and speaks to you about it.

What is an astrological chart? It is a dimensionally reduced representation of the relationships between the heavenly bodies at the time of your birth.

Why would I want one? Astrology can be used in a wide array of situations. For some the initial consultation will satisfy the urge to know oneself. For others, the allure of finding your fate and following it to a t will be so strong that you would like to look more deeply into the chart.

Here is an example of what you will receive using my chart:

If you are interested in receiving an initial consultation, you must email me. Include in the email your name, your birthday (including the year), the time you were born, and where you were born.

The first 100 people to email me with all of the needed information will receive this offer.

Email Sign-up – Brigid Faye, Reader

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