I started this lifetime in a pit of despair. I often knew that the good had gone somewhere. I followed my feet and pointed my nose towards those things that made my curiosity grow. Alas. Soon enough I found that happiness may resound through my decisions as they rebound through all that is.

I was raised Neo-Pagan doing rituals with the Sabbats. My mother gave me a tarot deck when I was 12. I have learned and am learning tarot, runes, vibrational astrology, herbalism, ritual magic, energy healing, and astral investigation.

I Graduated from the Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science, Bowling Green, KY in 2016.

I attended the Coast Guard Academy from 2016-2017 and was honorably discharged.

I worked in Food and Bev in Charleston for the next two years.

I had a mental breakdown in August of 2020, since then my healing journey has been focused on acting out of my true self and unique abilities. I run this blog, attend Daytona State for a Supervision and Management degree, play the ukulele, and do in-person readings in Palm Coast, Florida.