Lost River Hostel Poetry

Found myself a new direction. Wandered away from all the infections Of modern life. Found a place inna woods Away from manufactured strife. Found a deck of cards And people who also wander far. The cards speak of nature And the people of adventure. Hostels feel safer than a hotel. Samhain with strangers.   Samhain […]

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Hygiene and Beauty Routine

I smell like a hundred bucks now, Literally.  Hygiene has a price tag.  Broke folk can’t stand the privileged woke.  Cause that showerhead looks like a pistol sometimes.  I did my best  To learn how to human.  Disposable razors reused.  Bar soap and suave.  Into milky foundation.  Into smudge pots. Into Forty dollar face wash.  […]

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My hands are numb. My toes are too. My uterus is twisting And I’m cursing you know who. Anytime I couldn’t say no. Has finally taken its toll. Writhing in pain calling for help. I feel pathetic. It’s just a period. No. It’s two and a half decades. Of built up, twisting, vining, lost Endometriotic […]

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My Mystery

The mystery Has guided me To scenes of horror, And places of great majesty. For each place I’ve been guided I’ve maintained propriety. Even with anxiety, I remain present for each breath. Until I meet my death. I remember mermaids Saving me from fate. To die that day was not my grace. As remaining in […]

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Called Home

My imagination travels to real spaces. Gates, libraries, viewed astrally. Even sacred faces. However, I have called her home To do some energy work within the body. I imagine the damage. I imagine the repairs. I become my most developed, happy, and healthy self. And my reality becomes me.

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Captured Imagination

Feet settled on still ground. Apparently I’m glad That I’m still around. Visions of a beautiful future Were once what kept me afloat. It wasn’t until hope’s lantern was abandoned That I found the past is hard to tote. I unpacked my bags, For all the world to see. And I left them to float […]

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I don’t feel uplifted. My chest feels constricted. By wire, by lace. By this role I chose to embrace.

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A Girl and the World

There once was a girl Who played a game With her entire world. The game, the education, the trials. She skipped among tribulations. She shattered under tribulations. She sang sweetly through the sulfur haze. She choked on the sulfur haze. Much in a daze, Most of the time, She will abide By her own damn […]

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The Tea

The tea I made for me Speaks to my lack of consistency, CPTSD, Autistic, Bipolar, Borderline, ADHD. Are all questions I needed to know. But in my mind, I’ve let it go. Satan Worshipper, Catholic, Pagan, Witch.   All the names I wish to ditch. To everyone I’ve met Who has wished me well, I […]

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