Hygiene and Beauty Routine

I smell like a hundred bucks now, Literally.  Hygiene has a price tag.  Broke folk can’t stand the privileged woke.  Cause that showerhead looks like a pistol sometimes.  I did my best  To learn how to human.  Disposable razors reused.  Bar soap and suave.  Into milky foundation.  Into smudge pots. Into Forty dollar face wash.  […]

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My hands are numb. My toes are too. My uterus is twisting And I’m cursing you know who. Anytime I couldn’t say no. Has finally taken its toll. Writhing in pain calling for help. I feel pathetic. It’s just a period. No. It’s two and a half decades. Of built up, twisting, vining, lost Endometriotic […]

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All of the nice things That I’ve yearned for so long Are flowing directly To me. It is not a game of ping-pong, Or a tit for tat. It’s more of a flowing river And I can get directly Behind that.

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Meeting an Angel

I stared into the abyss of the night sky. I watched the terrible flames raise from the place that had been my hell for seven years. I pondered existence. I knew that the city had been built on the backs of those unwilling and unkind. I knew that sometime there would be divine justice. I […]

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Crossroads Youtube Livestream

I am a member of the Spiritual Inspiration Warriors with my friend, Brendan who had me on the first show to talk about what the Crossroads Project is. The Crossroads is visiting and experiencing places where people have had sightings of angels, or high vibrational entities of some sort, and then reporting on them. It […]

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A game of war Many ways to win, Many ways to lose. I play the pieces As how they “should” act. In my mind I am king, I dictate who goes where. I ensure my survival And the demise of my enemy. I overwhelm with my pawns. I intimidate with my bishops. My calvary rides […]

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In my hands I find Urges from my mind. One hand containing cloth, The other poised with a pen, All of my hobbies coming around again. I know not to multi-task, But I have many un-done tasks. The trick is Making time for each one. Means many tasks quickly done. Twenty-five and five With those […]

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