Yellow means that I am mellow, Happy for a time. I process energy from the universe, Efficiently, effectively, and effortlessly. Knowing well how to manage Every advantage That I’ve been gifted. And no, it is not thrifted, This yellow that I see Is originally me.

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All of the nice things That I’ve yearned for so long Are flowing directly To me. It is not a game of ping-pong, Or a tit for tat. It’s more of a flowing river And I can get directly Behind that.

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Contemplating When

A ballpoint pen Is really quite divine When you want to spend a little time In your den Contemplating when The expansion will arrive. And when it does come in, Where will I be then? I’m guessing at home or the gym. Somewhere nearby, So I don’t have far to fly When the news comes […]

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I missed you the other night When you weren’t around. I hope that you were sleeping tight And dreaming safe and sound. I forgot to tell you When I saw your face again. If I could only show you, And if I could only see, I know that we’d be friends.

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They tell me I’m mysterious, But I do not think I’m serious Enough for that. And you would think That in a blink I could disappear. I will probably never come back. My socials change As does my home address. But while I’m there I’ll overshare With a statement or two. I guess that opens […]

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On bended knee, The man gave me a daisy. In a box, passed in secret, Was a ring. I did not keep it. And then the letter, A promise for a simple life, From the men who caused me strife.

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When the binding’s worn And pages fall out I am torn By the idea of going without. On the one end I do not need to send Energy into what is old. On the other If I go without Then my little feet may get cold.

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People Pleaser

I don’t want to be A good girl no more. That’s what all Of the therapy is for. Trained to be a people pleaser. Waiting hand and foot On every geezer Who may have looked my way. I give myself all I need Before I give to others Now. It is not out of greed […]

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Not Anymore

Rolling in a void. Happy. Floating. Reflecting gently As if watching fish in a pond. Of you I am dreadfully fond. Our time hasn’t been long. It won’t be any longer. We were friends and lovers We were everything to me. In order to find myself I need to let you go. In order to […]

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Meeting an Angel

I stared into the abyss of the night sky. I watched the terrible flames raise from the place that had been my hell for seven years. I pondered existence. I knew that the city had been built on the backs of those unwilling and unkind. I knew that sometime there would be divine justice. I […]

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