Walk in step to your divine timing, walk true to your divine path.

Tarot/Rune Readings

I use a classic Rider Waite deck and several other decks during a reading. I have been reading tarot for over ten years, and my approach is simple. I aide in communication between the Ego, the Subconscious, and one’s own Higher Self. These consultations are useful for those who need clarity in a certain area of life or for when you are feeling stuck.

15 Min. Tarot$30
30 Min. Tarot $50
1 Hr. Tarot $100

Student of Vibrational astrology readings

I am currently taking classes with Linda Berry in Vibrational Astrology. I am in my third year of classes. I am not a certified Vibrational Astrologist, yet, which is why I offer discounted exploratory readings. I can do compatibility with both people present, forecasting, astrocartography, and general readings for individuals.

  • 30min. VA Student Reading….$50


Here, I eventually hope to have a collection of books and products that I have written and made, available for download. You can find my book of poetry, Cried Out, on Amazon now.


Brigid is very intuitive and loves what she does. You can see it all over her face. 10/10 would recommend her services and will be having more readings with her in the future. She was very spot on. I would also recommend the Vibrational astrology reading, very helpful and interesting.

— Frannie