Polar War

I have been running for a very long time. I love tests of endurance. And oh, my soul has taken advantage of that love. I have endured. My foundations shattered time and time again. No such thing as security, as safety. My old patterns are crumbling. I feel like I am bending. Every day, I […]

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Light Vs. Dark 

No, I’m not crazy, I’m gifted Gifted by god gifted by goddess  To see things others don’t see To hear things others don’t hear  I used to see darkness and darkness only  I was very afraid  Afraid of the world  The world full of shadows that reach out and grab  The world full of cries […]

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Waking Up

I have woken up many times  To often it is to see darkness  The darkness of your lifestyle  The darkness of others  The darkness is myself. But then sometimes I awake  And I see blinding light  The natural order  The power of a good deed  The love of a friend. And awake now I dance  […]

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