Disengage and Reengage

Disengage when the lesson is learned Reengage for a new one. One must let go Before the new may be grasped. If you are not careful And grasp too strongly or desperately   It may be crushed. And if it obeys, Surely that is love. If you are not careful And hold to delicately or […]

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As the dawn breaks through Another cloudy sky I’m remembering “I”. Who I was before the throws Of life scared me So much so that I escaped to the sea. All I found were mermaids And every day my memories fade Of their cool bodies and jellyfish hair. They really decided to care. And then […]

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All of the nice things That I’ve yearned for so long Are flowing directly To me. It is not a game of ping-pong, Or a tit for tat. It’s more of a flowing river And I can get directly Behind that.

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Balance Seen and Unseen

Sight of the unseen Is a balancing beam. On the one you need to know what the guides are saying. On the other there is a need to block those preying. The astral isn’t scary. The woods aren’t unknown. This is a place your soul was sown. In the space between the stars. In the […]

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Passion lies Where the light of a candle flies. The candle being the heart. And the light being the electromagnetic field That the heart creates. I say it very plainly So that all who look may see.

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Not for a Man

The rain slips me away Into another day. Another day waiting, Another day pining. Not for a man, But that my skills May be in demand. Not for a man, But that the government May give me a hand. Not for a man, But that my university May decide that I live in their land. […]

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Weight and Flow

Thank you to the terrors Of my life of old For getting me to now. I realized in fear The weight of being In the now. I realize in joy The flow of being In the now.

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Point of Prayer

And the dawn’s fresh dew, Announces another day. I find myself upon a pew, And I bow down to pray. And the prayers in my mind, Seem always to be answered. In deep prayer I find, My place in this world is secured. And the people I pray for, Are nearly limited to me. For […]

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