As the dawn breaks through Another cloudy sky I’m remembering “I”. Who I was before the throws Of life scared me So much so that I escaped to the sea. All I found were mermaids And every day my memories fade Of their cool bodies and jellyfish hair. They really decided to care. And then […]

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All of the nice things That I’ve yearned for so long Are flowing directly To me. It is not a game of ping-pong, Or a tit for tat. It’s more of a flowing river And I can get directly Behind that.

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Balance Seen and Unseen

Sight of the unseen Is a balancing beam. On the one you need to know what the guides are saying. On the other there is a need to block those preying. The astral isn’t scary. The woods aren’t unknown. This is a place your soul was sown. In the space between the stars. In the […]

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Passion lies Where the light of a candle flies. The candle being the heart. And the light being the electromagnetic field That the heart creates. I say it very plainly So that all who look may see.

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Not for a Man

The rain slips me away Into another day. Another day waiting, Another day pining. Not for a man, But that my skills May be in demand. Not for a man, But that the government May give me a hand. Not for a man, But that my university May decide that I live in their land. […]

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Weight and Flow

Thank you to the terrors Of my life of old For getting me to now. I realized in fear The weight of being In the now. I realize in joy The flow of being In the now.

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Point of Prayer

And the dawn’s fresh dew, Announces another day. I find myself upon a pew, And I bow down to pray. And the prayers in my mind, Seem always to be answered. In deep prayer I find, My place in this world is secured. And the people I pray for, Are nearly limited to me. For […]

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Brain as Reciever

Fantasies unwind Through the tissues of   My mind. Broadcasting from somewhere, I find stories. I make them exist there, On my page. All I can hope Is they ripen with age. No expectations Only happy salutations To my new ideas.

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