Blending Angels

A friend sent me some Angel Information and this is my way of re-incorporating God’s Angels into my more Goddess Centric practice. Included angels are Seraphiel, Muriel, Raphael, Adriel, and Zaphkiel. Seraphiel: I pray unto you To work within me To heal with Brigid her wonder To purify the hate Within all hearts Of opposite […]

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My Energy Structure

I have tried structuring my energy in many different ways, but I feel that I will settle on this one as a functional adult. My breath moves around me as a shield, on both sides and in the image, it looks like lungs, but it is more of a torus field. The breath carries my […]

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Reversing A Hex

What I chose to describe here is a base to start on. However you practice and commune with Mother Earth and ask for protection is up to you. This is just an energy diagram. The key is to react to the hex-er with love and forgiveness and understanding, but still be firm about your boundaries […]

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