That’s Me

When the Soul Shines The Mind Finds That everything’s alright. Hurt is no longer Suffering. Happy is no longer Shrouded Panic. What I see Is what I am. I am that I am. I am God. I am Goddess. Intertwined in a Body. That’s me.  

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Root Chakra Spell Candle

Spell candle for abolishing fear, insecurity, loneliness, and anger. Red 100% beeswax sunbeam petite rose candle. For organic development.Snail Shell – organic growthFlame – purificationLaboradite – willingness to changeMoonstone – friendships, deep internal connections and healingSolar Plexus incense blend- friendlinessdragons blood sage – undo ancestral trauma patterns of despiration, scarcity, and violenceclear quartz pyramid – […]

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Blending Angels

A friend sent me some Angel Information and this is my way of re-incorporating God’s Angels into my more Goddess Centric practice. Included angels are Seraphiel, Muriel, Raphael, Adriel, and Zaphkiel. Seraphiel: I pray unto you To work within me To heal with Brigid her wonder To purify the hate Within all hearts Of opposite […]

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A Glimpse at God

This is a rough depiction of how I see one perspective on how Source is organized. The Source is at the top, surrounded by Void. From that branches God and Goddess. Which then blend into rainbows of their own, mingling on earth in human and flora and fauna forms.

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A poem That Struck Me

She had eyes like an old Tennessee country road, familiar, but dangerous during the storms. She was the calm before the storm, having weathered many. Experience has her ready for the next one. Hopefully they stayed away while drifting on the trade winds. She had a laugh like a hot day on a lazy river […]

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