Pew Prayer

And the dawn’s fresh dew, Announces another day. I find myself upon a pew, And bow my head to pray. And the prayers in my mind Seem always to be answered. In deep prayer I find, My place in this world is secured. And the people I pray for Are nearly limited to me. For […]

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Blending Angels

A friend sent me some Angel Information and this is my way of re-incorporating God’s Angels into my more Goddess Centric practice. Included angels are Seraphiel, Muriel, Raphael, Adriel, and Zaphkiel. Seraphiel: I pray unto you To work within me To heal with Brigid her wonder To purify the hate Within all hearts Of opposite […]

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The Serpent Named Kundalini

She lives deep down inside of our roots, usually coiled in a sweet slumber. She lets the gunk pile up inside of us until she is called to awaken. This is the story of a girl who shook so hard and then stood very still, so still, that the serpent awoke. She had spent her […]

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Lonely Road

Lyrics: I’ve never allowed dreams To embrace me From afar They chase me Chorus: Healing is a lonely Road Until you find the family That your soul sowed Trust is a bridge built lightly   Verse: People with a language Not my own Holding me tighter Than I’ve ever know Chorus Verse: From place to […]

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