Oh Em Gee Seriously I am thoroughly Full of vitality Gym everyday That’s where I play. People think I’m Cray-zy I’m not quite a lune Just a little out of tune Sometimes,. I go to the Boon-Docks When I go to the docks I throuw a couple Rocks I say a prayer or three And […]

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Should I Let Go?

Should I let go Of all of the old, Or is some worth keeping? I feel like sneaking An unhealed pattern or two Past spirit. But I know that won’t do. Change is hard sometimes, And sometimes I would rather keep it. Spirit hears my sneak like windchimes. No subtlety there, In my big gazing […]

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Know Thyself Child

Know Thyself Child Know thou are kind  Are strong  Are lovely  Are courage  That is all that you can carry  I know it’s quite heavy sometimes  These are your traits  Your very best ones The ones to remember.  You are kind You are strong You are lovely  You are courage. These may branch out  And […]

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