Disengage and Reengage

Disengage when the lesson is learned Reengage for a new one. One must let go Before the new may be grasped. If you are not careful And grasp too strongly or desperately   It may be crushed. And if it obeys, Surely that is love. If you are not careful And hold to delicately or […]

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Made it Round the Bend

Sometimes, Happiness, success, and fulfillment Are right around the corner. Sometimes, Darkness, fear, and military instillment Lay just behind. My ego now defined, Chiseled into the ideal form That my soul had in mind. My mind not consumed by storms. Acting in kind With those in my sphere. I have loved ones near. I am […]

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I Tell My Younger Self

I tell my younger self. To do the things that people do, It will be easy. To wash the car And then drive it far. It will be easy To brush your teeth And get enough to eat. It will be easy To wake in the morning And know that good things Are coming.

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A Moment is All We Are

The sun’s rays fall upon my face And I feel your masculine grace. Spears of color in your eyes As you gaze into mine. I feel lucky, I feel blessed Just to feel your caress. A moment is all we have A moment may last As long as love is cast.

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Weight and Flow

Thank you to the terrors Of my life of old For getting me to now. I realized in fear The weight of being In the now. I realize in joy The flow of being In the now.

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Distanced Lover

Freshly met, Longly known. In conversations through a crystal A friendship is fatefully sown. Long hair and chapped lips, A lover again longly missed. I remember clearly, The next time that we kissed.

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Building a Life

Making a life Is not without strife. Making a life Is something done repeatedly Through the ages. We make lives Again and again. And I say, The younger we are when we learn And we understand, That our Outer World, Is our Internal Reflection The better. Because from there, One may build a life Of […]

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In my hands I find Urges from my mind. One hand containing cloth, The other poised with a pen, All of my hobbies coming around again. I know not to multi-task, But I have many un-done tasks. The trick is Making time for each one. Means many tasks quickly done. Twenty-five and five With those […]

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