Yellow means that I am mellow, Happy for a time. I process energy from the universe, Efficiently, effectively, and effortlessly. Knowing well how to manage Every advantage That I’ve been gifted. And no, it is not thrifted, This yellow that I see Is originally me.

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All of the nice things That I’ve yearned for so long Are flowing directly To me. It is not a game of ping-pong, Or a tit for tat. It’s more of a flowing river And I can get directly Behind that.

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Oh Em Gee Seriously I am thoroughly Full of vitality Gym everyday That’s where I play. People think I’m Cray-zy I’m not quite a lune Just a little out of tune Sometimes,. I go to the Boon-Docks When I go to the docks I throuw a couple Rocks I say a prayer or three And […]

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I Tell My Younger Self

I tell my younger self. To do the things that people do, It will be easy. To wash the car And then drive it far. It will be easy To brush your teeth And get enough to eat. It will be easy To wake in the morning And know that good things Are coming.

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Balance Seen and Unseen

Sight of the unseen Is a balancing beam. On the one you need to know what the guides are saying. On the other there is a need to block those preying. The astral isn’t scary. The woods aren’t unknown. This is a place your soul was sown. In the space between the stars. In the […]

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Passion lies Where the light of a candle flies. The candle being the heart. And the light being the electromagnetic field That the heart creates. I say it very plainly So that all who look may see.

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I Do Not Believe

I do not believe in fear. Scary things are never near. Because scary is the unknown. Nothing is unknown to me, Because I am God, you see? I do not believe in scarcity. Because God and Goddess give all I need. I do not believe in loneliness. Because I have never been alone. I walk […]

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Not for a Man

The rain slips me away Into another day. Another day waiting, Another day pining. Not for a man, But that my skills May be in demand. Not for a man, But that the government May give me a hand. Not for a man, But that my university May decide that I live in their land. […]

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Within the Past Reside in Now.

Greenery and Maylay Both lay within my past. Concrete and peaceful feet Both reside within my now. Refuge I have found. For refuge I am grateful. For the trials I am thankful. Everyday I choose A path to blessings With nothing to lose. Of attachments I am free. Oh the gifts that come to me. […]

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Pew Prayer

And the dawn’s fresh dew, Announces another day. I find myself upon a pew, And bow my head to pray. And the prayers in my mind Seem always to be answered. In deep prayer I find, My place in this world is secured. And the people I pray for Are nearly limited to me. For […]

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