A New Life

I’ll be getting better recording equipment soon! Enjoy some of what I have accomplished after three years of writing and playing ๐Ÿ™‚

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I Just Met You

Chorus: I Just Met You Having Thoughts Aboucha Having Feels Aboutcha Having Physical Reactions Aboucha I Just Met You Verse: I think youโ€™re just like my X I feel my heart in my Chest My loins they want to Express Verse: I Think Iโ€™m Falling to Fast I Feel The Pain of my Past Your […]

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Angels Of Music

Angels Of Music: Verse: Angels of Music Accompany Me This is a warm-up So we may Roll in the Sea Chorus: In Your Tears The Music Lies How Compassion Moves The World Sometimes Your Voices I hear To Guide and To Task With Love you Say The Answers I Ask Verse: Israphel and Uriel The […]

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