Responsibility Carries

People don’t remember you When you’re always passing through. From one harbor to the next Always there are secrets kept. Every party has its drug, And things swept under the rug. Some people tell, Some people won’t. Karma knows Which hands are dealt. I’m not around when justice calls, I hear rumor of great falls. […]

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Relax and fall Into slumber Where the giants still do sunder. Let the fay lay your head Onto a wonderful waterbed Where merfolk do abide. Take some time To take your time And do not give a damn For rhyme.

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Sweet Sleep

Sweet promises of holiday Call gently from a well-made bed. My honeyed tea calls the dreams From the hollows of my head. A silver chain protects my sleep. I have no reason For to weep.

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Disengage and Reengage

Disengage when the lesson is learned Reengage for a new one. One must let go Before the new may be grasped. If you are not careful And grasp too strongly or desperately   It may be crushed. And if it obeys, Surely that is love. If you are not careful And hold to delicately or […]

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Lost River Hostel Poetry

Found myself a new direction. Wandered away from all the infections Of modern life. Found a place inna woods Away from manufactured strife. Found a deck of cards And people who also wander far. The cards speak of nature And the people of adventure. Hostels feel safer than a hotel. Samhain with strangers.   Samhain […]

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My hands are numb. My toes are too. My uterus is twisting And I’m cursing you know who. Anytime I couldn’t say no. Has finally taken its toll. Writhing in pain calling for help. I feel pathetic. It’s just a period. No. It’s two and a half decades. Of built up, twisting, vining, lost Endometriotic […]

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Moving On

The Sunday after A tumultuous storm Brings gay laughter From those who would mourn. A gathering of kin, With flowers galore. Dying is no sin, And now there’s an ether to explore.

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