Humans and Time

Over the Oceans I do sway. Into bodies I promote decay. In the clocks they track me. Under thermodynamic guises, I cool tea. Outside of nothing apparent. Out of typical logic transparent.   On a bad day I am slow. Off duties, forget me and go. By and by they curse my name. For I […]

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Day and Night

On the Equinox I see The golden light Of the trees in their roots Balanced with The golden light in the leaves. Once one sees, they believe. On the Equinox, my scythe Of harvest rests at my boots. For this day I rest my fight, And have chats with a tree. What I hint at […]

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Roaming through the Hollers, Empty mind staring back, Snacking on Sardines, The Trees Speak to me. Interested in their words, Nothing is impossible. Going nowhere slow.

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Abundance Prayer

Abundance For today I pray That abundance finds me well In the throws of life. For today I pray That prosperity is mine Held and known by me. For today I pray In the form of currency, That plenty finds me. For today I pray That scarcity is starved dead, And success is grown. For […]

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The void is the womb A space of creation and hope A space to find you. The void is the dark A space of the unknown, fear A space to face self. The void is justice A space of quiet judgement A space where all’s known. From Sammi’s writing prompt 17:

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Colors Red for Blood, for how we are encoded to the earth. Our Body Orange for Sunlight, for how we are sustained. Our Passions. Yellow for Prana, for how we exchange energy. Our Relationships. Green for the flora, for how we love. Our Health. Blue for the Skies, for how we speak. Our Voice. Indigo […]

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Have you ever seen, In the Heart of the Mind, The Great Tapestry Unwind? Great Tapestry Guiding Toes, To where the fuck they need to go. Great Tapestry Where Source resides, In your skirts I like to hide. Standing softly in the center, Great Tapestry of Fates Watching Golden Hues saturated, In Love.

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Always Anxiously Existing, Baring my fears on my sleeve, Carefully navigating life, Damning my peace. Every person seems a threat, For every action has effects. Growing in Scarcity, Hardly getting by. I run every chance I get. Just trying to stay sane. Killing myself with Cortisol. Living in a sunless haze. Mourning my childhood. Never […]

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Source is the source For Light. Source is the source For Dark. I pray to a great Divine Couple Splashing in Source, For everything to go Divine Events In Divine Timing. Giving lessons Light and Dark, So my anxiety can park Somewhere far away.

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Dithering in doubt Indecision, I have a bout. Signs guiding one way, Logic, A complete other. Choices are mine, To make. Not sure which direction To Take.

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