New Music Winter ’23

I dropped three new songs on tiktok this morning. Check out my growth! I’m starting to see the difference in my reflection after the past few years of healing and support. Thank you to all who read this blog and witness my progress ❤

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Confidence is brewing And I might know What I’m doing Don’t got no time To go slow. Running in the streets No longer in the woods Faces they meet me Where the trees used to be. Talking at the bars No longer in the woods Folks don’t bite back Though a wolf surely would. Walking […]

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This is a song about letting go and fulfilling my own needs. No ukulele this time, but a friend said that it was a haunting melody.

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I Am Free

I wrote this song near the time of the spring equinox because I used to not be allowed to celebrate my Pagan Holidays. Now I can. I am Free: Verse: I will not be Guilty For the things I love I will not be guilty To fit into your glove Chorus: I am Free From […]

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I Just Met You

Chorus: I Just Met You Having Thoughts Aboucha Having Feels Aboutcha Having Physical Reactions Aboucha I Just Met You Verse: I think you’re just like my X I feel my heart in my Chest My loins they want to Express Verse: I Think I’m Falling to Fast I Feel The Pain of my Past Your […]

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Angels Of Music

Angels Of Music: Verse: Angels of Music Accompany Me This is a warm-up So we may Roll in the Sea Chorus: In Your Tears The Music Lies How Compassion Moves The World Sometimes Your Voices I hear To Guide and To Task With Love you Say The Answers I Ask Verse: Israphel and Uriel The […]

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