Evolution of Trust

I’ve written three poems on trust and someone wrote one for me. I’m sharing them here with approximate dates so the evolution of what trust means to me can be understood. *Trust, 2019, by me to a former lover* Trust I want to trust you again  But I’m scared.  I love your sweet words  You’re […]

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Root Chakra Spell Candle

Spell candle for abolishing fear, insecurity, loneliness, and anger. Red 100% beeswax sunbeam petite rose candle. For organic development.Snail Shell – organic growthFlame – purificationLaboradite – willingness to changeMoonstone – friendships, deep internal connections and healingSolar Plexus incense blend- friendlinessdragons blood sage – undo ancestral trauma patterns of despiration, scarcity, and violenceclear quartz pyramid – […]

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  I am a small sapling  A small human.  Close to my source  Close to the Earth Yet standing on my own.  First just a seed,  First just a thought Now growing separate  From mother tree.  Learning about leaves Finding my skills  Absorbing sunlight  Absorbing love.  Learning about roots  No longer connected to mother,  But […]

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