I Am Free

I wrote this song near the time of the spring equinox because I used to not be allowed to celebrate my Pagan Holidays. Now I can. I am Free: Verse: I will not be Guilty For the things I love I will not be guilty To fit into your glove Chorus: I am Free From […]

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Holiday Visiting

The holidays I celebrate are not those of my family, or the vast majority of society. I celebrate the Sabbats in a Pagan way. Dancing, wildness, freedom, nature, cycles, that is how and what I celebrate. To participate in the modern Holidays with no spirit left is quite difficult at times, although I love and […]

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Root Chakra Spell Candle

Spell candle for abolishing fear, insecurity, loneliness, and anger. Red 100% beeswax sunbeam petite rose candle. For organic development.Snail Shell – organic growthFlame – purificationLaboradite – willingness to changeMoonstone – friendships, deep internal connections and healingSolar Plexus incense blend- friendlinessdragons blood sage – undo ancestral trauma patterns of despiration, scarcity, and violenceclear quartz pyramid – […]

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I Always Wonder

The art and practice of Wonder has gotten me through many trying times. The following is a poem about how I do it. It’s All Good  I always wonder  What is the point of this? I guess that’s why I’ve grown so much  So quickly. I always wonder  How could this be done better? I […]

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