Planetary Depths


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Planetary Depths

I die with the Sun,

And I wake with the Moon.

Mercury is my company,

And Venus goes too soon.

Mars moves me into action,

And Jupiter grows me big.

Saturn decides what is important,

And Uranus gets the gigs.

Neptune holds my dreams,

And Pluto leads my soul.

If these planets

A spell I am under.

Which causes me to sunder

On Earth,

All the while long,

And while I a saunder

And am a wanderin’ on

I sing a lil’ melody

To a long forgot song.

In a documentary about an

African tribe I learned

Each child is brought to

The Shaman to be blessed

With their soul’s song.

We each have one,

And we must find and sing

Our own. Not be posers or

Lifeless drones.

The heavenly spheres have lead me home.

Back to my body.

Back from a slumber

Where the depths

I was shown.

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