Light Vs. Dark 

No, I’m not crazy, I’m gifted

Gifted by god gifted by goddess 

To see things others don’t see

To hear things others don’t hear 

I used to see darkness and darkness only 

I was very afraid 

Afraid of the world 

The world full of shadows that reach out and grab 

The world full of cries of those in pain 

The world where chaos and destruction reign. 

My eyesight has gotten stronger 

Now I see light too

The light in the dark 

The dark in the light 

The lessons that come from a terrible fright 

That is easy, to see the light in the dark 

The dark in the light 

Now that is trickier 

A convenient meal for you 

Is a life of torture for another 

That is some dark in the light. 

But the light that I see that others cannot 

Is simply the light of the trees on solstice night 

Is simply the angels embodied and light 

Is simply the heat from the sun on a dark winter’s day 

The light is more subtle 

It doesn’t jump out and scare 

It knocks on your door and asks gently, you there?

The power of dark is fleeting though strong

And the power of light is that it’s there all along.

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