Discriminatory Thoughts on Dating

When My thoughts Arise

In words I Summize

With Poetry.

Flow be Right

Passions and visions in Sight.

Knowing and releasing results,

Loving freely

Loving wide.

Discriminatory Judgment:

He’s an Addict,

He’s a player,

Even a Tool.

I’m Unstable,

I am played,

Even a Fool.

The outer perception,

Grimy unchaste.

The inner Experience,

Intense and Unpaced.


My thoughts on you

Do remain true.

I want to play this out,

To see what may come about.

For time I propose

Each fortnight a repose.

Twixt the meetings

What we get are high-lows.

My eyes of blue

See into you.

The chaos reigns.

The chains you must raise



And work for Self-Acceptance.

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