Lessons from the Hare Krsna’s

I went to a Hindu service today of the Hare Krsna’s and it was beautiful. We sang, learned, danced, and then ate some wonderful vegan food. The book that the Guru was reading out of was Sri Manah- Siksa, which I got a copy of and simplified to the best of my abilities. The following is that simplification, or how I understand the teachings.

Before you read my notes, there are 12 lessons. The lessons are: 1) Release pride, you are small, embrace encompassing love of and for the Divine. 2) Do not preform work or sin, instead see your work as service to the divine. 3) If you would like to go where there is no pain or suffering, only joy, then life after life you must respect, follow, associate with, and learn from those who channel the divine. 4) Release all mundane thoughts, talks, and actions for they are contemptible. Form attachment to service of the god with needs, your fellow man. 5) Do not walk unshielded from the aggressions of lust, anger, greed, illusion, and pride. Instead, trustingly call upon the divine to shield you from these things. 6) Detach from material gain and embrace spiritual fulfilment. Do not support, follow, or become a false profit (a person who is into spirituality for profit). 7) Do not look for honor and prestige. Instead, accept your place in the most merciful army of the Divine. 8) Release willingness, and instead be filled with the will of the divine. 9) Remember that through great suffering is sometimes great knowledge, be grateful for all the lessons of the divine, especially those that come through hardship. 10) Remember that you are of God and Goddess and should only be with those who are a reflection of your divinity. 11) Remember that God and Goddess are a couple, get to know them and act as they do in your relationships. 12) Now that you know these 11 practices, sing, chant, dance, eat, play, serve, and fill yourself with love to be an expression of these Ideas.

This is a poster that they gave me showing the God courting the Goddess with her handmaidens attending.

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