Always Anxiously Existing,

Baring my fears on my sleeve,

Carefully navigating life,

Damning my peace.

Every person seems a threat,

For every action has effects.

Growing in Scarcity,

Hardly getting by.

I run every chance I get.

Just trying to stay sane.

Killing myself with Cortisol.

Living in a sunless haze.

Mourning my childhood.

Never feeling safe.

Opening doors for them to slam.

Peaking on acid, dark trips.

Questioning my sanity.

Reflections becoming darker.

Situations becoming more dangerous.

Turning away from safety.

Under the thumb of some power gorger.

Very full of Panic.

Wondering how I can make it end.

X’s haunting my dreams and waking life.

You have no power over me.

Zealously searching for peace and prosperity.

Another excellent prompt by Sammi, number 14.

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