Adored (2022 vs 2020)


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Adored, 2022

What is there to love?

Oh, I am as peaceful

as a dove.

What is there to cherish?

Oh, I’m the flipped coin  

Of Nightmarish.

Why am I a fantasy?

Oh, they never really see


Why am I adored?

Oh, with love the men

Can’t be bored.

So instead they say


For well and good

I adore me.

Because in them

that’s all I see.

 Reflections dancing

Among the stars.

Two lovers prancing

As one mighty


Made of two

Who know

There’s no hole

Where the other

Should be.

**Adored, 2020**


Most people adore me 

They adore the serving me 

the funny me 

the helpful me

The quiet me 

The depressed me

The manic me 

The sorry me 

The tough me 

The demure me 

They adore the fake me.

There came a day in my life when I realized, the no one adored ME. 

Nobody knew me. 

Not even myself. 

Now I’m meeting her. 

And I can hope that there comes a day in everyone’s life when they realize they adore me. 

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