People Pleaser


Written by:

I don’t want to be

A good girl no more.

That’s what all

Of the therapy is for.

Trained to be a people pleaser.

Waiting hand and foot

On every geezer

Who may have looked my way.

I give myself all I need

Before I give to others


It is not out of greed

But to survive another day.

I do not blame my mother

Though she played a part.

To heal is to forgive

And then to take the blame.

Because I am responsible for

Every experience in this game.

After I accept responsibility

For everything that happened to me,

It is mine.

Not a victim, not a survivor,

Just someone who didn’t know better.

Now that it’s mine,

I can give it to the divine.

And forget the time

When my life was a very bad dream.

It’s not forgetting experiences,

But abandoning, remodeling, and clearing

The old patterns built then

So that I may live again.

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