February New Moon Forcast


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Two Week Lunar Forecast, Feb 1st-Feb 16th, New Moon to Full Moon

Vibrational Astrology Approach:

New Moon: Will be influencing us until the next new moon on March third. Speaks to our patterns as individuals, what we need to reconsider or process within ourselves in order to move forward.

The Sun Moon and Saturn are in Aquarius, so the networking that you do in this time helps you expand your community. The friends that you show your true self to in the next month are likely to be long-lasting.

Venus Mars and Uranus are in a trine pattern, so tactile and spontaneous activities will help you in this time. Go for a walk when you feel like it! Touch something that feels nice. Any spontaneous tactile experience will “flow” a little easier for the next couple weeks.

A vibrational pattern for this new moon is EMPATHY. Saturn Mercury Uranus and Jupiter are conjunct in the 17th, meaning the mind is growing in unexpected ways, through understanding the situations and stories of others.

There is also a strong internal restlessness related to your ideals in vibration 231. The planets involved are Neptune Saturn Venus Jupiter and Pluto. This is about re-evaluating our idea of what is wonderfully beautiful, growing our understanding of what makes an experience worth having. You can embrace this restlessness and let it change you or fight it and experience suffering to be altered anyways. Balance your individuality with the needs of others.

Advice for the next Two Weeks:

Take time to meditate or have a mindful “ritual” for yourself. A bath, a hike, going to a new restaurant and being present for your meal will all help you go inside and handle some of this energy.

Tarot/Rune Approach

Subconscious is unhappy with the work being done, release what does not serve you. The process will be painful, but take time for yourself and reminisce on childhood, releasing the power that those memories have over you and how you behave now. Remember, you are not a princess who exists to fill the cups of others. You are an intelligent and individual queen, in charge of her own mind and therefore her reality. Give yourself what you need, listen to what your body needs. The Goddess and God will come to you when there is a great need and clear a path for you where before there was none. Do not be blind to opportunities offered to you in this time. Constraint is an illusion. From the suffering will come a great harvest, if you communicate with others. There is danger in acting out subconscious patterns rather than taking mindful time to change them.

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