Blending Angels


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A friend sent me some Angel Information and this is my way of re-incorporating God’s Angels into my more Goddess Centric practice. Included angels are Seraphiel, Muriel, Raphael, Adriel, and Zaphkiel.


I pray unto you

To work within me

To heal with Brigid her wonder

To purify the hate

Within all hearts

Of opposite gender

On all levels

For God loves Goddess and She loves Him.

May we be cleared of Guilt and Shame

On all levels.

For God is forgiving.

May we be cleared of domination

For God shares love freely.

May we feel and channel the vital energy of God

So that we may lead by Inspiration.

Angel Seraphiel, that carrier of God’s Torch,

Merry meet well with Brigid.

The Carrier of Goddess’ Torch.

Blessed Be, Amen.

Angel Muriel:

I pray unto thee.

To work within Gaia

To meet her creatures with love.

To heal the damage though humans

Of which we have done.

Gaia’s strength balanced scales

With your remote touch

To balance the way

That we may walk peacefully.

Muriel From Magdaline.

The Lady of the Forest.

Angel Muriel work within me

For ultimate Harmony.

May the Kingdoms of Flora and Fauna

Be Balanced within me.

By Muriel and Magdaline.  


Angel Raphael

My brother in Wisdom.

I know you know the sands of time.

The Caves of Lapis

Where the Santa Muerte Holds Divine.

I know you know the Liars of Merfolk

Where the songs and pearls of truth

Are stored.

Work within me

And my Goddess’

And my Priestess’

So that we may Know.

Everything we need

And nothing that we Don’t.

Raphael My Brother

I know you well

You are kind to me

And I write you well.

A Partnership of Siblings.

One Royal one Bastard.

Both Children of Divine.

Remember your sisters.

And clear our wisdom

So that we may love God.

And Love you Well.



My Newest Angel Friend

Let us go through a Death

Within God’s will.

I wish to be freed.

From Slavery Of Azriel

I know he plays his role

And to it we have obeyed.

Adriel Meet Well within me

So that I may be Free.

Adriel Free us from Shackles.

Adriel I see

The flames of divine

Blown into ice.

Freeze our passions

And melt into divine.

Transmute the love of dominion.

To a love of self.

Adriel I’ve missed you.

Be free within me.

Zaphkiel Of Judgment:

Meet well with Anubis.

Meet well with my Libran Sun.

Hold steady in your wisdom

And the Judgement of God within your ways.

I request that you may hold

Within your palm.

The errors of my heart.

And correct them surgically.

A Surgeon Knows what’s Best

And Judgement calls are made.

I trust your wisdom Zaphkiel.

To work within me well.

That I may make decisions  

Of God’s will rightfully done.

Balance within Sphynx.

Of her mighty Voice.

Let her also Judge.

And choose to vocalize your choice.

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