*The frustration I feel when dating men my age is real, and for the older men they are lost in playing games of war (politics, news) or money. And the young women on social media all the time, lost in that game. This poem is a soft expression of being very perturbed. *

Speak Clearly my Love

I cannot hear you through

The Noise

The TV is Blaring

The Games hold your attention

There is another game I know of

That you may lose yourself in

Each partner a reflection

Get lost in playing


Love can be a game

Love can be a war.

Love has better dopamine hits

Of that, I am Sure.

Romance is an art,

A tale as old as time.

More than seduction,

For that is to meet an end.

Focus on the journey,

And love dually sent.

Or stay lost in your screens.

Stay lost in the illusions.

I’ll miss you dear,

I wish you could look up for a glance,

And see that I am near.

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