Holiday Visiting


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The holidays I celebrate are not those of my family, or the vast majority of society. I celebrate the Sabbats in a Pagan way. Dancing, wildness, freedom, nature, cycles, that is how and what I celebrate. To participate in the modern Holidays with no spirit left is quite difficult at times, although I love and respect my family and their ways.

A trip

To go visiting

Almost archaic

We go into a transport,

With wheels.

It’s slow

We go for quite a while.

For Grandmother’s Birthday,

The holiday never to be missed.

I enjoy the visiting,

But to travel and not be on an adventure,

Is a feeling that’s raw.

I need to roam the unknown.

My carriage of propriety awaits.

The known slow journey

To a known slow place.

The “Holidays” of Christians

Rub me raw.

I would much rather people respect,

That on an Equinox Day I must go to the creeks.

I must face East with a Fire and Dance

And pray.

For the Joy of equal night and day.

The joys of celebration have been

Recycled into a bovine consumerism.

I will do my visiting.

I love my grandmother.

And try not to feel trapped

At the predictable

Box store dinner.  

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