As the dawn breaks through

Another cloudy sky

I’m remembering “I”.

Who I was before the throws

Of life scared me

So much so that I escaped to the sea.

All I found were mermaids

And every day my memories fade

Of their cool bodies and jellyfish hair.

They really decided to care.

And then there were the turtles

When I got overwhelmed

By the hurdles that life gives.

Diving with intent to kill

Those guys saved my skin.

And again there was a death wish

Deep inside my heart.

And I tried to fire a pistol

Which failed with a swish.

Those are the times

I did my best to leave the world.

Because I lived off the rinds

That people left behind.

And every time spirit said no.

It is not your time to go.

Be safe, be vital,

I am critical

To something.

And that’s why I’ve been saved.

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