Tiktok…A Crystal Mirror?


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I have debated and debated getting back onto TikTok and Making Content. I feel so awkward on camera, but that’s something I want to change. Practice makes Perfect? I believe that our inner-selves can be seen as a reflection of our surroundings. What was an original mirror? A Crystal. What was an original oracle? A Crystal. What are our phones composed of? Crystals with specifically programmed activation points. I’m ultimately documenting my healing journey for myself. However, Our online footprint is much like an autobiography, and I feel that my story is one that has the potential to inspire others.


Some crystals and an affirmation. Worth this vs Work ethic #healtok #tonijones #divinefeminine

♬ Work Ethic – Toni Jones
These are some of the crystals that have kept my company on my Journey. I’m using them in this video to “set” the affirmations by Toni Jones. Practicing self-love and self-forgiveness, in a way that makes sense to me.

Coast guard and stripping veteran, learning how to walk again #healtok

♬ Healing in My Heels – Toni Jones
Learning how to walk again. My trainer Deana and I are working on Balance and Alignment.

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