Interpreting the Tarot, Major Arcana

These are what I see as the root definitions for each card after reading for many people over many years. As a Reader it is imperative to phrase things in a way that is gentle, kind, and helpful to the client. There are many ways to deliver a message.

5 thoughts on “Interpreting the Tarot, Major Arcana

  1. I was given a old desk of Tarot card 50 years ago. I still have dear Brigid. Hand painted cards. Once I tried to give away to a Tarot card reader. She wouldn’t accept. She told me. They belong to me. I liked the information shared.

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      1. I can read them dear Brigid. I want to know more. I want to understand the movement of cards. The combine meanings. I need time. Time is hard to find sometime. I like to learn more. Like your description. I did like.

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      2. I’d be willing to give you a reading/lesson sometime πŸ™‚ My number is on my contact page if you want to move in that direction. I’ve been reading quite a bit for over a decade and each reading the meanings of the cards and combos become more clear to me.

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