Learning to Love Dandelions

5 thoughts on “Learning to Love Dandelions

  1. You are amazing dear Brigid. I love your verbal poetry. I liked your crystal also. I have wore my crystal for 30 years and I carry many in a power pack. You are a blessing. Thank you for what you do.

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      1. I have a 13 chapter story called “The island”. I will write the ending tomorrow. A astral place, I may of knew. Maybe in dreams only. It here on the W.P. You are welcome dear Brigid. I liked your energy and I will add a tic toc account to listen to more of your work. You can do tic toc, YouTube would easy for you.

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      2. I have five stories needing ending. I always end with sadness. I want to have some happy ending dear Brigid. I will add a YouTube video tomorrow. My dear daughter gave me five desks of tarot cards. I am a collector of everything. Books everywhere. I look forward to your YouTube video dear Brigid.

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