I wish you love

I wish you health

I wish you peace


War is at the doorstep

What do you expect me to do?

All that I can think of

Is prayers for you


I love you

I’m sorry

Please Forgive me

Thank you my love



Children on a playground

Running programs of old

Only a problem

When others are sold


War is at the doorstep

All I can do

Is think of prayers

For you

I won’t take up arms

I can only meet violence

With Radical Peace

With Radical Love

With Radical Acceptance

My Love

Prompt: https://amanpan.com/unite-for-peace/

14 thoughts on “War

  1. Hello dear Brigid. I loved the song. I was like my father. A soldier at seventeen. I did learn. No-one win in war. I have been standing for peace for a long time. I pray, my grandchildren can know the sweetness of peace.

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      1. Yes dear Brigid. You must be strong. the sea life is hard. I would love to do. Like Bukowski told me once. “You must suffer and test life to write. Easy life won’t see the vision of the real world.”

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  2. “War is both Negative *&* Positive
    the Former is waging evil
    the Latter is repelling evil
    establishing total freedom.”_-Van Prince

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