You Aren’t Enforcing God’s Will.


Written by:

The Burners,

The Enforcers of God’s will 

God’s will needs no enforcement 

For is it unique to each person 

Each of us has a higher self 

From which to take direction. 

I have hatred in my heart

From acts done before this body. 

I remember being Burned 

I remember being Beheaded

I still have pains that arise from the Noose. 

The Enforcers. So lost in Approval. 

I was nearly one. 

I pretended to act 

As a part of a system 

I did not believe in. 

The mentality of strip the ego

And Re-Create it in the image

Of one Obedient above all else

Does not work when one already has no ego

To mold. 

I Hold hatred in my heart for those 

Who accept without Question. 

I have hatred in my heart for those who kill on command. 

I know that this hatred within me 

Will breed and manifest. 

Into War. 

Into Pain. 

Into Death. 

Until It is replaced with 

Whelming Love 

Whelming Forgiveness. 

How can I forgive?

Before I express this Anger, I cannot. 

I need to say


To take up arms is violence, 

Are you fighting for the right reasons?

Or is someone convincing you. 

Coercing you into hate.

Grooming you to fit the bill. 

Children of 17 join our military

I Joined our military 

Because I had Nowhere else to go. 

To take the vulnerable

And make them kill. 

And make them die. 

Is the true sin. 

I decided I would rather take my chances. 

19. Alone. Beautiful. Broke.

Than be forced to kill another.

I want to run into the offices and scream WHY. 

I want to scream STOP. 

I want everyone to breathe. 

And see that we are not so different. 

Before we get to the point. 

Of blood spilled. 

To exist on this Earth as an Omnivore alone 

Is a Violent act. 

I Understand that we may kill out of necessity. 

Make sure that it is necessary. 

Do not “BELIEVE” that it is necessary. 

Know within your heart. 

The point of life is never propagating misery. 

There is a better way, than war. 

Than execution. 

For beliefs.

I’ve been too afraid to express anger for too long. There are worse things than an angry woman.

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